View your magazine's results via statistics

After publication of the magazine, results matter. How many vistors has the magazine acquired, what was the most popular page and how much time was spent on this page? The back-end of the magazines are equipped with an internal BlueBerry-statistics module, as well as Google Analytics. If you prefer a different programma to be employed for your statistics, BlueBerry can implement this too!

Gain the following data using our statistics-module :

  • How many visitors read the magazine  ?
  • How many pages are viewed?
  • What are the most popular pages?
  • What items are clicked on in what frequency (internal- or external links, pop-ups etc.)?
  • How many times has a certain video been viewed?
  • How much time is spent browsing through your magazine?
  • Where did your readers come from?
  • Many more options available!