Custom magazine applications

Besides online magazines, BlueBerry Media developes numerous other forms of online applications. These are custom-made applications, in many cases based on our online magazine-products.

It's possible to customize our software completely according to your wishes. For example; the PDF-module can be used to convert magazines which can in turn be integrated within your company's infrastructure. Another possibility is to apply the Magazine Editor's functions to create graphic spreads, online. Think of connections with presentation systems or printing websites where the result can be converted to PDF immediately. A number of examples of applications based on the Online Magazine Editor:

  • Narrowcasting advertisement design
    Developed with the growing narrowcasting market in mind, BlueBerry created an application that enables users to design advertisements online, and to schedule and publish them, all in a single application.
  • Pelckmans Digital Blackboard-books
    Belgian publisher Pelckmans uses BlueBerry software to enrich PDF-files of books, online. These digital books can be presented by a teacher to his or her class, via web or DVD-installation.
  • Designing wedding albums online
    Na een bezoek aan de bruiloft worden de foto’s van de fotograaf online geplaatst. Deze fotograaf kan nu inloggen en via een editor zijn album ontwerpen. Na akkoord wordt het album omgezet in hoge resolutie drukformaat en als hoogwaardig fotoalbum bij de klant afgeleverd.
  • ThiemeMeulenhoff digital books
    For the Dutch publishing company ThiemeMeulenhoff, BlueBerry created the Digibordbij-project, comparable to the Pelckmans assignment. Many schools in the Netherlands use this teaching material, where teachers can add updated information through an online interface.